Table Input in Java

Tablet Input in Java

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

10:06 AM

Turns out that, contrary to what I'd feared, the Tablet Input Panel for the Tablet PC [does]{style="font-weight:bold"} recognizes SWT components as text labels, and you [can ]{style="font-weight:bold"}use the TIP to add recognized handwriting to a Java/SWT application:

So now, the challenge of programming forms in Java for the Tablet PC reduces to the problem of setting the TIP context dynamically from Java so that you can command it to bias the handwriting towards the expected entry type (a date or a phone number or what-have-you). The difficulty with [that]{style="font-weight: bold"} is that as far as the TIP is concerned, all java.exe executables look alike. So I'll have to figure out some way, within Java, to register for a[ ]{style="mso-spacerun:yes"}callback when the TIP gets activated. Then, use JNI to set the TIP context. Stay tuned?

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