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God, I Hate Classpaths

I have to wire up a ColdFusion to an Axis Web Service. I've spent the past 3 hours trying to figure out freaking classpath issues: something about a ClassCastException from a org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory. I'm giving up for the day. Stupid freaking classpaths.

Ruby Read

According to Tim O'Reilly's always interesting quarterly analysis of the book industry, Ruby is doing extraordinarily well, with a 689% quarterly increase in sales and is now approaching Perl in terms of book sales.

Caveats include the (some would say profound) difference between book sales and use. Most Perl programmers …

When Your Nutshell Gets to 1300 Pages...

"Java in a Nutshell" weighs in at 1264 pages. Matt Croyden, sez:

[Y]our programming language just might be complicated when you have trouble telling the difference between its Nutshell book and a telephone book.

[via James Robertson]

This is somewhat unfair, as the bulk of "JiaN" is a library …

Can't We All Just Interoperate, Part 2

Success! I can access Tablet SDK functionality from Java. Rather than use COM, my original tactic, I did what I joked about: used C++/CLI so that the call is Java->Unmanaged C++->C (Win32)->Managed C++! Pretty funny, but not all that hard to follow in the source code …

Table Input in Java

Tablet Input in Java

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

10:06 AM

Turns out that, contrary to what I'd feared, the Tablet Input Panel for the Tablet PC [does]{style="font-weight:bold"} recognizes SWT components as text labels, and you [can ]{style="font-weight:bold"}use the TIP to add recognized handwriting …