1. God, I Hate Classpaths

    I have to wire up a ColdFusion to an Axis Web Service. I've spent the past 3 hours trying to figure out freaking classpath issues: something about a ClassCastException from a org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory. I'm giving up for the day. Stupid freaking classpaths.

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  2. Pete Wright Ends Relationship With MS to Embrace Ruby on Rails

    Pete Wright, whose TabletPC Sudoku program was "shot in the head" by Microsoft's surprise release of their own version (join the group, Pete!), has ended his long relationship with MS consulting in order to fully embrace a job working with Ruby on Rails. His post is obviously cathartic, but he …

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  3. Ruby Read

    According to Tim O'Reilly's always interesting quarterly analysis of the book industry, Ruby is doing extraordinarily well, with a 689% quarterly increase in sales and is now approaching Perl in terms of book sales.

    Caveats include the (some would say profound) difference between book sales and use. Most Perl programmers …

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  4. When Your Nutshell Gets to 1300 Pages...

    "Java in a Nutshell" weighs in at 1264 pages. Matt Croyden, sez:

    [Y]our programming language just might be complicated when you have trouble telling the difference between its Nutshell book and a telephone book.

    [via James Robertson]

    This is somewhat unfair, as the bulk of "JiaN" is a library …

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  5. Can't We All Just Interoperate, Part 2

    Success! I can access Tablet SDK functionality from Java. Rather than use COM, my original tactic, I did what I joked about: used C++/CLI so that the call is Java->Unmanaged C++->C (Win32)->Managed C++! Pretty funny, but not all that hard to follow in the source code …

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  6. Can't We All Just Interoperate?

    So I'm trying to write a program to manipulate the Tablet PC Input Panel from within a Java application. So I have to use JNI to interop with a native .DLL written in C++. My DLL uses Win32 to find the handles to the Java application edit windows and then …

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  7. Teachability Important to Programming Language Success

    Eric Gunnerson, discussing "Why so many languages?" makes the key point that "Compactness and simplicity have big benefits as well in programming languages."

    Once upon a time, I made a good living teaching Java. Sometimes I taught it to C and C++ developers, sometimes I taught it to COBOL developers …

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  8. Table Input in Java

    Tablet Input in Java

    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    10:06 AM

    Turns out that, contrary to what I'd feared, the Tablet Input Panel for the Tablet PC [does]{style="font-weight:bold"} recognizes SWT components as text labels, and you [can ]{style="font-weight:bold"}use the TIP to add recognized handwriting …

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