Turbo Ruby: Strong Hints From CodeGear / DevCo

The new spinoff from Borland, CodeGear, is strongly hinting that they will produce at least one dynamic language:

CEO Ben Smith: "We're also working on plans that can help developers take advantage of growing and emerging areas like web services, Ruby, Python and Ajax. "

David I: "We are not limited to just a few programming languages (Delphi, Delphi .NET, Java, C++, C#)....[CodeGear will be driven by languags that are ] compiled, managed, scripted, dynamic and more...What will be the next CodeGear programming language?"

CodeGear FAQ: "The emergence of web services and new development capabilities from Ruby to Python to Ajax provide an opportunity for even more substantial innovation."

Obvious interpretations: a stack for JavaScript programming and debugging (Ajax) and at least one of Turbo Ruby or Turbo Python.