1. Writing A Technical Article, Part 2: Gathering Tools

    Probably the biggest difference between academic and commercial writing is this: academic writing is almost always concerned with algorithms and process, commercial writing is almost always driven by a specific set of technologies. In this case, I'm being paid by AMD to explain integration of CodeAnalyst and Eclipse CDT. So …

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  2. Writing A Technical Article, Pt. 1: Background

    I thought I'd try blogging the development of a technical article; it might prove interesting to, I dunno', 3 people in the world.

    I've been contracted to write a 2,500-words-plus-listings article on using AMD's CodeAnalyst profiler with Eclipse, especially relating to multithreaded / multicore development. So that's a pretty beefy …

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  3. Schadenfreude

    Please, feel free to laugh at this column describing how I was completely pwned by hackers trading the German dub of 'Norbit'...

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  4. I Dream of Djinni

    "But this isn't a silver bullet!" Fabian insisted. "It's a djinni-bearing magic lamp! Not just one thing?you get three things!"

    ...My April 1st column for SD Times is now online...

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  5. Software Product Lines

    However, the real-world development of software product lines is hampered by the real-world limitations of maintaining a stable center as the product-line offerings spin off in a widening gyre...

    Going Over the Software Product Line is the title of my latest SD Times column.

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  6. SD Times Latest

    At the risk of sounding immodest, I think we SD Times columnists have been hitting on all cylinders for the past few issues. The latest issue includes Allen Holub on FitNesse testing, Andrew Binstock on free books for programmers, and some crap from me on XNA and non-professional programming (written …

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