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Open Komodo Now Available

Those without an investment in other editors would do well to investigate Open Komodo, a free as in speech editor based on the good as in good Komodo editor.

Bash Ups

With the release to public beta of Popfly, Microsoft's mashup editor, I'll reiterate my theory that mashups are the UNIX shell of the Internet. The corollary is that we need a suite of command equivalents:

Command Mashup Alternative cd, mkdir, rmdir facilities for manipulating "current URI"; REST principles, etc. mailx …

F# To Become Product: Very Surprising

I'm tempted to label as "shocking" the announcement that F# will become a product fully integrated into Visual Studio, but I suppose it would be hard for anyone to ignore stuff as compelling as this. F# is a derivative of OCaml and is a functional programming language. Those who delve …

Software Transactional Memory C++ Compiler from Intel

Intel's announced the availability of a prototype C++ compiler implementing Software Transactional Memory, one of the central topics of this brilliant \<a href=""" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">.NET Rocks show.

That's exciting, although …

Dr. Dobb's Goes Flash-Based

Huh. I just received a link in email to "my" August issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal. I'm not going to post the link I got, since it's undoubtedly linked to me, but can anyone access

It's a Flash-based interface, but even …

First IronRuby Drop Available

John Lam details the first public availability of IronRuby. Couple reasons why I'm interested in this:

  • It's Ruby
  • It's the CLR
  • It's a second data point for how to code for the DLR

I don't think I'm going to be able to resist the temptation to write a compiler for …

NStatic Beta Appearing Imminent

Wesner Moise's NStatic static-analysis tool for .NET appears to be approaching its initial beta. Moise has made a number of exciting claims for this technology since he began discussing it about 18 months ago. If I understand correctly, NStatic involves considerably "deeper" analysis than most quality-assurance tools; it almost seems …