Cyclomatic Complexity Analyzer for Ruby

Saikuro : A Cyclomatic Complexity Analyzer.

Function complexity does not seem to be a great problem in the Ruby world, but tracking cyclomatic complexity is one of those things that can help pinpoint troubled modules.

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Apple Relents: Flash, C#, others allowed for iOS development

Big news in the Apple development arena this morning: Apple has relented on the ill-advised license restriction on developing for iPhone / iPad with tools created by 3rd parties. The restrictions were introduced in the Spring, just in time to quash Adobe's launch of a Flash-to-iOS cross-compiler, but caught in the …

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Analysis of Competing Hypotheses Project

The Open Source Analysis of Competing Hypotheses Project

This looks like one of those "one thing well" type of applications: a matrix of hypotheses vs. evidence and the ability to rate the intersection as "Consistent/Inconsistent ...etc..."

Could be useful for keeping a complex collaborative discussion on-track and focused.

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8 Reasons I love Ruby - Ignu's House of Software

8 Reasons I love Ruby - Ignu's House of Software.

Nice post that doesn't dwell on the language, but on the ecosystem.

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Sexp for Rubyists

Ruby Best Practices - Sexp for Rubyists.


Let me show you an example. First, gem install ruby_parser. Then:

::: {.dp-highlighter} require 'ruby_parser'
require 'pp'

def plus_five(n)
n + 5
EOF :::

require 'ruby_parser'
require 'pp'

def plus …
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Collaborative Mind Mapping

I like Mind Mapping -- basically visual outlining with as many interconnections as you like. I don't love Mind Mapping, but I like it well enough to try out software.

Here are two tools for collaborative Mind Mapping that I'm considering using in upcoming talks:

XMind - Mind Mapping and Storming.

Mind …

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LeeCampbell: Intro to Rx

LeeCampbell: Intro to Rx.

The Reactive Extensions for .NET are probably still in the realm of "maybe yes, maybe no," in terms of their overall impact (personally, I like the idea quite a bit), but a number of good tutorials are popping up around the Web. I like this series …

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Does Your Language Shape How You Think? -

Does Your Language Shape How You Think? -

Good article on a question that is always of interest in programming language circles. The modern take, apparently, is "“Languages differ essentially in what they must convey and not in what they may convey.”

The obvious example would be that in …

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